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Wu Tang For the Children! (Lyrics)

I'm letting go of a freestyle named Wu Tang for the Children. If you love lyrics, this one is for you! 


Flow deep rooted nourish branches of the family/

Old dirty bastard at the 98 Grammys/

Leaving white folks confused

Cause we working with our ancestors spiritual tools/

Black magic, this voodoo we use/

Allow us to operate outside of your rules/

To walk on water we step out of our shoes/

To find enlightenment, we look outside of your views/

World traveling/ soul rattling/

evil man battling/ throwing soul javelins/

Dive deep when i’m dibble and dabbling/

Relieve the burden saddling/ and all the extra paddling/

Struggling to get up stream/

Throw us down in the dirt but we get up clean/

Set this train in motion, help it get up steam/

Use as pawns, till we lift up kings/

Lift up queens/ and lift up our children/

Cause lacking knowledge of self might kill them/

Teaching that their health is their wealth might heal them/

But let’s still get millions to purchase some buildings/

This the blueprints to the pyramids/

You can see where see God where a mirror is/

You can feel God where your spirit live/

Looking for the key to heaven on Earth, here it is/


Eighties baby came of age in the nineties/

So I'm use to suits being shiny/

Mind my manners, treat everybody kindly/

Still put them Tims on and get Gritty and grimy

Callous on my hands, dirt between my nails/

Walk the road less taken, Step off the beaten trail/

They Say my life’s off track, going off the rails/

They so scared to reach for heaven, that they won’t let go of hell/

Scared to fail, so they scared to succeed/

Battling self doubt, so they scared to believe/

Got they hand out, they beg and they plead/

Waiting for a free lunch, you never see cheese/

Let that shit go and go head and achieve/

Go head and knock, go head and ask, go head receive/

Go head and bend reality to you will/ and get free/

Go head and breathe and flow with divine energy/

This the science of religion/ the science of living/

Dreams and visions, out the hood decisions/

Connecting with destiny and avoiding near collisions/

Turning grandma’s prayers to provisions/

My mind’s over matter can’t be held by a prison/

Mistake on my life’s rough draft, this is a revision/

Live for my daughters, nothing I won’t give em/

So I gotta live long and give em old man wisdom



Photos by Journey Brave Photography