Noble Artright

Hip-Hop Artist, Writer, Philosopher, Speaker

Noble Artright was born in Memphis, TN, came of age in Richmond, VA and is a long term resident of Atlanta, GA. 

Noble Artright is a hip-hop artist, writer, philosopher and public speaker. His musical influences and sound vary greatly but his lyrical style is built on the foundation laid by the poets of hip-hop's golden era. Noble has released five musical projects including his latest release, High Art Fetish. 

Noble's writing and philosophy are rooted in everything from the works of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X to Stoicism and 48 Laws of Power. He believes in adopting truth and useful information from where ever it can be found. 

Noble's goal is to use his art to inspire individuals and communities (especially the black community) to discover themselves, define their purpose, live out their truth and give back to the world.  


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Photos by Journey Brave Photography